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"Thailand Team" project launched to boost trade and investment
04-04-16 17:36

Through a “Thailand Team” concept, the Commerce Ministry is bringing together public and private sector organisations to work together in a CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam) pilot project.

The cooperation involves major Thai corporations pairing up with small and medium-sized enterprises to explore business and investment opportunities in Asean.

Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn said the ministry wanted to set up a central database on trade and public/private investment which would support in-depth analysis and investment and business decision-making.

The Thailand Team is made up of representatives from public and private organisations, the Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade, Federation of Thai Industries, commercial banks, plus local and foreign businesses here who will join forces in helping to boost exports and investment overseas, beginning with neighbouring CLMV, Apiradi said.

The Thailand Team will compile trade and investment data and attempt to solve obstacles to trade and investment in CLMV.

This way, the government can find ways to talk with CLMV governments and commercial figures in June on how to resolve issues that hinder trade and investment, Apiradi said.

In addition, major Thai corporations with foreign trade and investment experience will continue to assist local SMEs who are new to the international business market and exploring and tapping opportunities in Asean.

Berli Jucker Corporation Plc will lead SMEs in trying to tap the Vietnamese market while Siam Cement Group Plc will assist SMEs in exploring construction-material opportunities in Cambodia in the third quarter.

Bangkok Bank will serve as a financial adviser to SMEs and help them obtain required capital.


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